Expedited Divorce Certificate Translation

Divorce certificate is a document issued after the end of the separation and divorce court procedures. In Ontario, for example it is issued after 30 days from the date of court order, divorce judgement. The procedure of obtaining divorce certificate is similar in other provinces as well as in many cases in other countries too.

If you need to present divorce certificate issued in Canada to the authorities of other country you must have it translated. In most cases it should also go though the procedure of divorce certificate authentication and legalization. Divorce judgement translation may also be required to be presented.

Many would be Canadian immigrants who have obtained their certificates in their countries need to do divorce certificate translation and/or divorce judgement translation into English or French (as official languages of Canada) in order to include it into their immigration files.

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Translatecanada.com provides the higest quality translation services in a wide variety languages. We can translate divorce certificate from English into Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic and many other languages. The time and fees of the service strictly depends on the size of the divorce document being translated and the language pair difficulty factor.

To start the process is easy. Just click on the button below. Then upload and submit your document to us and we provide you with the quote ASAP. Not only do we translate divorce certificate, but also we provide your with the translator's affidavit sealed by the notary, which makes it acceptable by a wide range of Canadian governmental organizations including Immigration and Citizenship Canada. And the fee for the affidavit is usually included into the price.

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Upon the completion of the divorce papers translation and notarization Translatecanada is sending the original to the client for free by Canada post regular mailing or if required by door-to-door courier with tracking (additional fee applies).


Q: It is fine to get the divorce certificate translation by mail, but could you also email me a scanned copy of it?
A: In case you need the document to be scanned and emailed to you we can do it for no additional charge.

Q: I need a copy of the divorce certificate to be sealed with 'true copy' stamp, i.e. notorized copy, can you do it?
A: Absolutely yes. To make it happen you need to bring or send the original to one of our offices: Divorce certificate translation service in Toronto: 1000 Finch Ave. West, Suite 900, Toronto, ON, M3J 2V5, Divorce certificate translation service in Markham: 3601 HWY 7 East, suite 1005, Markham, ON, L3R 0M3 Divorce certificate translation service in Vancouver: 550 West Broadway, Suite 730, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9

Q: How can I be sure that the translated version is absolutely correct from the point of view of names spelling?
A: To ensure no errors in the names on the translated divorce certificate or divorce judgment is made we have a proven procedure of coordination with the clients.

Q: I need to translate divorce certificate from Spanish?
A: Yes, we can do divorce certificate translation from Spanish into English as well as to many other languages.

Q: What countries' divorce certificate have you translated?
A: We have done Brazilian divorce certificate translation, Cuban divorce certificate translation, Chinese divorce certificate translation, Canadian divorce certificate translation, Russian divorce certificate translation as well as many others.

Q: Do you translate divorce judgement issued in Ontario
? A: Yes, we do and also we translate divorce judgement issued in Alberta, Quebec and other provinces.

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