Diplomas and Educational Certificates Translation Service

If your educational documents are not in French, English or any other language that is required, you may have a limited wiggle room for exploitation of competitive opportunities. This is why Translate Canada presents to you our certified translation services in diploma translation and other forms of educational documents such as transcripts.

Translation of educational documents is highly delicate but important process that requires dedication and expertise to capture and maintain the relevance of a document. The purpose of educational documents translation is often mistaken by supposed translators. The latter is the explanation of a document rather than a word for word translation that renders accuracy. Translate Canada is committed to authenticity in the translation of various educational documents.

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We specialize in certified translation of diplomas for popular languages such as: French to English, Spanish to English, Arabic to English, English to Italian, Italian to English, Chinese to English, English to French, English to Chinese, Russian to English, English to Russian and various rare languages such as Amharic, Georgian, Mongolian and several others. These services are open to all Canadian and foreigners who wish to translate their educational documents to any language mentioned above. We also provide the services to foreigners who wish to translate educational documents for Canadian immigration.

Besides diploma translation, we also offer transcript translation. It is important to note that these documents hold delicate information and terms that should be accounted for during translation of the document. A transcript for example evaluates a student’s behavior, performance and grading systems. This information should be captured directly as it appears on the original document and translated correctly and accurately in order to retain its meaning and authenticity. Otherwise, the process of translation could be mistaken for counterfeit attempts if the level of information mismatch is noticeable to professionals. This would not only deny you the opportunity you were chasing but also attract legal courtesy.

Educational documents translation can be a very expensive process if a client has several documents that require translation. For this reason, or team is dedicated to ensuring that clients spend money on essential documents. Clients can consult us for clarification of the documents needing translation. Our team evaluates the requested translation and ensures that strenuous efforts are conducted to save the clients budget as much as possible.

Colleges and universities have different requirements that students should understand. For this reason we also advise our clients to clarify with their institutions about the documents that should be translated. This enables the client to make arrangements and save money that would have otherwise been spent on unnecessary translation.

As professional translators, we translate what is in the document in a clear and readable manner. Some aged educational documents may have faint readings or illegible stamps that complicate the process. However, our team ensures that every text is distinguishes and translated appropriately. For document that are rendered unreadable, we advise our clients to source clear copies of their documents to avoid compromising the legitimacy of the educational document. We also discourage documents that have been written on or interfered with since we highly recommend genuineness of documents to avert legal implications.

Our experience in academic jargon, phrases and terminologies facilitates our translation process by substituting word for word using appropriate acronyms. The demand for imparity by most academic institutions requires students and related clients to use the services of accredited and certified translators such a Translate Canada.

It is important to always remember that translation of legal documents is extremely important but the process of translation can be very delicate if handled unprofessionally. Our translation services are accepted by the Canadian immigration authorities, schools, colleges and other federal authorities. Our company upholds legitimacy and maintains the document genuineness. Various modes of payment such as MasterCard, American express, debit cards, PayPal and Interac email transfer are accepted. One may visit our offices in Toronto, Markham, Vancouver, or use our online platform. Translated documents are shipped around Canada via Canada Post mailing for free. Clients can however organize for a delivery via FedEx.

Q: What languages do you translate diplomas from and to?
A: We do diploma translation from Spanish into English, from French into English, etc.

Q: What kind of diplomas do you translate?
A: We do high school diploma translation, college diploma translation, university diploma translation, etc.

Q: I need certified diploma translation.
A: Translatecanada.ca provides certified diploma translation services. And you may get it from our different location: we do diploma translation in Toronto, diploma translation in Vancouver, diploma translation in Ottawa, diploma translation in Calgary.

Q: I need to legalize my diploma for use in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).
A: You may legalize diploma for use in Dubai or many other countries by using the following web site: www.documentservices.ca

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