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Why do you want your documents translated? Do you need them to be expedited? Or perhaps you want your documents to be certified by a notary. If these are your questions, then you have reached the right place!

Who Are We?

You are the most important element in our equation. We pride ourselves in giving you the best quality, highest confidentiality and service. Our team is committed to diligence, quality and excellent performance. They are certified professionals who translate English documents into a variety of languages including rare languages like Georgian. As well as languages such as French, Arabic, Russian and others into English. You may have changed your name and need to present proof of that to Canadian immigration agency and you need to translate your name change certificate into English or French.

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Why Are You Here?

You need your Name Change Certificate or other documents translated? Right? But why should you choose us? We are one of the top certified translation companies in Canada with quality and confidentiality guaranteed. Confidentiality is important and we ensure that our translators are bound by that too. Our translators ensure that regardless of the nature of the content in your certificates and documents, all they do is translate them into your desired language and not try to change their meanings or breach the documents’ confidentiality. They are certified and dedicated to providing excellent work and around the clock service. If you need to get certificate from Canada and present it in other country, then you may request it from provincial government.

Another exciting benefit of Translate Canada is that we deliver your translated documents free of charge. In this fast paced society it’s good that you receive something for free.

We are the go-to company for your change of name certificate translation. However, that’s not all we do, we consider all your translation needs within the entire gamut of your life. From your personal life like marriage, divorce, immigration and birth certificates, your professional and business needs in the form of marketing , sales brochures and fliers. As well as your financial documents for the possible business collaborative deal that may be on your horizon.

When you relocate to another country, it’s important to take your degrees and diplomas with you, you may have to translate these for the recruiter who will assist you to get your dream job. Whatever your situation and circumstances dictate we are there to translate your documents in a confidential, professional, and time-sensitive manner. Needless to mention, our prices are good and affordable.

Where Are We?

You can visit our offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Markham and Vancouver. If time is of the essence then you can do it online 24-7. The process is simple and all you need to do is follow a few steps and have your phone handy:
1. Take a photo of your document with your phone or scanner.
2. Click on the free quote button complete the form and press send.

The payment process is also easy, just use your credit card, debit card or PayPal. Once ready, the translated documents will be mailed to you free of charge anywhere in the country by regualar Canada Post envelope.

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Change of Name Certificate Languages We Translate

Amharic Change of Name CertificateArabic Change of Name CertificateArmenian Change of Name CertificateAzerbaijani Change of Name Certificate
Belorussian Change of Name CertificateBulgarian Change of Name CertificateChinese Change of Name CertificateCroatian Change of Name Certificate
Czech Change of Name CertificateDannish Change of Name CertificateDari Change of Name CertificateDutch Change of Name Certificate
English Change of Name CertificateEstonian Change of Name CertificateFarsi Change of Name CertificateFinnish Change of Name Certificate
French Change of Name CertificateGeorgian Change of Name CertificateGerman Change of Name CertificateGreek Change of Name Certificate
Gujrati Change of Name CertificateHebrew Change of Name CertificateHindi Change of Name CertificateHungarian Change of Name Certificate
Indonesian Change of Name CertificateItakian Change of Name CertificateJapanese Change of Name CertificateKazakh Change of Name Certificate
Korean Change of Name CertificateLatvian Change of Name CertificateLithuanian Change of Name CertificateMacedonian Change of Name Certificate
Malaysian Change of Name CertificateMoldovan Change of Name CertificateMongolian Change of Name CertificateNorwegian Change of Name Certificate
Polish Change of Name CertificatePortuguese Change of Name CertificateRomanian Change of Name CertificateRussian Change of Name Certificate
Serbian Change of Name CertificateSlovak Change of Name CertificateSlovenian Change of Name CertificateSpanish Change of Name Certificate
Tajik Change of Name CertificateThai Change of Name CertificateTurkish Change of Name CertificateTurkmen Change of Name Certificate
Ukrainian Change of Name CertificateUrdu Change of Name CertificateUzbek Change of Name CertificateVietnamese Change of Name Certificate